Facebook today is not just a popular social network, but also an effective business tool. It is currently the largest social network in the world. Its attendance is 2.9 billion active users per month! (Source) Based on this, this network is a great place to advertise.

15 Benefits of Facebook Ads

1. 80% of Internet users spend their time here.

According to statistics, 8 out of 10 people who regularly use the Internet also use this social network. Most people who have their accounts here log into them several times every day. Therefore, Facebook will help showcase your product or service to a large number of people.

2. The most accurate coverage of the target audience.

The main advantage is not even that many people will see your ad. The main advantage is that it is the target audience that will be covered. That is, you can set up ads for people of a specific age, location, gender, and so on. The main thing is to know your customers and their interests.

3. This is a cheap form of advertising.

Literally, for $5, you can reach an audience of 1,000 people. You don’t have to spend a lot of money renting billboard space, showing a video on TV, and so on.

4. Such advertising gives a quick effect.

By creating an advertising campaign today, you can get results almost immediately, unlike classic SMM or search engine promotion. Therefore, for those who want to increase traffic on their site or increase conversions, Facebook ads will be the best solution.

5. Facebook ads make a brand recognizable.

If people have seen your brand on a social network, then the likelihood that they will buy your product after finding it in the real world is high. The fact is that social networks play an important role in the chain of touches with the brand. As practice shows, before buying, a potential client makes at least 15 touches with a brand from different sources.

6. With the help of such advertising, any site that does not contradict the rules of advertising, can be made visited.

If you need to increase traffic to your site, then you just have to create an advertising campaign with a click on the link to it.

7. Facebook will increase your sales (with the right approach)

To spend little on advertising, and get a good effect on sales, you will need to go through several stages of trial and error. You need to test target audiences, placements, creatives, texts, etc. Build an audience warm-up funnel, etc. (Strategies may vary). But if you use specialized tools like FastTony, then the result will not take long.

8. Facebook ads are measurable.

Facebook has fairly detailed statistics from which you can get information about the number of impressions, conversions, clicks on links, and so on, which will help you optimize advertising costs and scale campaigns.

9. With the help of such advertising, you can increase offline sales and repeat purchases.

10. You can interact with your buyers or clients directly.

Your advertisements will be liked; comments will be left under them, thanks to which you can find out the real needs and preferences of your target audience.

And those people who liked your publication, you can invite to put “Like” your Facebook page, thereby increasing the number of loyal audiences.

11. This advertisement may become viral.

If a user likes your product or just an advertisement, then they are more likely to share it with others. This type of advertising is the most profitable, as it will be natural and very cheap. Posts with many shares get more additional organic reach and CPM cost is lower.

12. Facebook ads can improve your image in front of search engines.

Social signals have long been taken into account by search engines when ranking sites. If the content on your site is in demand, it will be commented and reposted, then which will positively affect your SEO. Also, social media users usually spend a lot of time on the site visiting different pages, which improves the behavioral ranking factors.

13. With the help of this social network, you can enter a new market.

When introducing a new product or seron vice to the market, you can use Facebook to expand your reach. This social network can be used to test a market or a product.

14. Advertising works in real-time.

Thanks to this, you have the opportunity to quickly make adjustments to your advertising campaign.

15. Facebook ads are mobile-friendly.

More than 80% of users of this social network access it from their smartphones. Therefore, Facebook has become the largest application that exists now. Therefore, advertising in this network will be daily visible to each such user of a mobile device.

And 1 bonus advantage.

16. Ability to create lookalike audiences.

Facebook Ads allows you to create similar audiences (look-a-like) to your Clients, this is especially true for business areas where many requests come through calls. But for this, you need to export the database with your hands, keep track of who really ordered, and who called just to ask. You can use the FastTony Call App to automate the process. The tool allows you to use custom audiences by the list of phone numbers, as well as look-a-like. In this way, you will be able to constantly reach new audiences – especially those who are most likely to become your new customers.

Author: Vladyslava Rykova, head of the MAVR marketing agency

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