Let your ads
make themselves!

FastTony Smart is a tool that makes you forget about setting up Facebook ads, selecting target groups, or optimizing your campaigns.

You create the posts and focus on your business while Smart takes care of the ads!

Why is FastTony Smart the best
choice for your business?

Smart means

The posts you write, Smart will transform into maximally optimized ads. This way, you precisely target those people who show the most potential to become your customers!

Smart means

Just configure the tool once. From then on, you can virtually forget about it and focus on what you do best – running your business and taking care of your customers!

Smart means

Have you heard that effective advertising requires a large budget? For Smart you will pay less than 100 PLN per month, and you will see the first results even if you spend about 500 PLN per month on an advertising budget.

Smart means

You don’t have to take anyone’s word for it – you can check the results of ads run with FastTony Smart in the Ads Manager. You’ll find out how many people saw each ad, what the conversion rate was and how many customers your company gained!

Smart means

Forget about guesses and hunches – advertising actions taken by Smart are based solely on collected data. The data comes from your fanpage, advertising account and active advertising campaigns.

Smart means

Optimal ad targeting is a priority for Smart, so as more ads are broadcasted, the tool will be more and more accurate in matching them to the right audience groups based on users’ behavioral data.

“How do I envision the ideal business world in the future? I don’t have to, it’s already happening thanks to Smart FastTony. Imagine that Daniel’s company creates an artificial intelligence that learns exactly what your business and your competitors are doing. Then you press play and the machine starts. That’s the perfect synergy between Smart FastTony’s advanced technology and the best thing about humans – their creativity. It’s definitely a perfect world when the technology on the machine cooperates with your creativity […] I sincerely recommend and recommend – you can’t afford not to have this solution, believe me I know what I’m saying.”

Łukasz Milewski, Łukasz Milewski Consulting
“FastTony Company fell out of the sky for me! I knew I needed to tackle this topic within the company, but how do you bite when you don’t know it and you’re not into it!!! I don’t have time to dig in and learn how to do campaigns, set up target groups, etc. etc. Now all I have to do is upload a post and everything does itself. I save time and money because companies that usually do this for you take a bunch of money… I really like the recent online meetings where they suggest how to create content to make ads even more effective. Highly recommended!”

“For a local business – I would take it without hesitation! Ba, I took my own clients in Rzeszów. I manage 12 such clients, each from a different industry. By “lead” I mean that I help edit content, schedule posts and build engagement, and the ads do the work themselves – literally. In my opinion, from the perspective of almost two years of experience with SMART – it’s definitely worth it, and if extra necessary, you can spice it up with an additional ad from the ad manager. The solution is almost “touchless”, and effective […] To sum up, take it blind, and spend the money saved on marketing, copy, or industry development.

Robert T. Zaborowski, KARO – agencja reklamowa

How to be Smart?

What do you need to get your ads to start producing satisfying results?
High five!

1. Brand fanpage

Promotion on Facebook without it is
mpossible – fanpage is the basis!

2. Advertising account

To broadcast ads on Facebook,
you need this command center

3. Budget for advertisements

Budget for advertisements
500, 1 000 or maybe 5 000 PLN?
Nothing limits you!

4. Strategy

Regularly publish posts
on your brand’s fanpage

5. Smart Subscription

The tool that does the advertising for you! Check out FastTony Smart Beta

How can you be sure it will work?

We have proof! A lot of deals look great on paper, but sometimes the final product doesn’t live up to expectations.
At FastTony we believe that good cooperation must be based on honesty and specifics.

Here are the results that Smart users can boast about

JĘZYK NIEMIECKI – German language learning

Facebook ad for small business
created by FastTony Smart.

Campaign goal: highest engagement
Budget: about 40 PLN



campaign budget

40,13 PLN

cost per click

0,037 PLN

PLN Inspired by design, interiors and architecture

Facebook ad for small business
created by FastTony Smart.

Campaign goal: traffic to the website
Budget: about 30 PLN



campaign budget

30,06 PLN

cost per click

0,17 PLN

Agnieszka Dudoń Luxury Make-Up Studio

Facebook ad for small business
created by FastTony Smart.

Campaign goal: the biggest reach
Budget: about 10 PLN


7 717

campaign budget

10,03 PLN

cost per 1000 views

1,29 PLN

Intertax24 – tax consulting

Facebook ad for small business
created by FastTony Smart.

Campaign goal: traffic to the website
Budget: about 20 PLN



Campaign budget

20,06 PLN

cost per click

0,19 PLN

Inny Wymiar 1871 – escape room

Facebook ad for small business
created by FastTony Smart.

Campaign goal: watch the movie
Budget: about 20 PLN


1 190

Campaign budget

19,99 PLN

cost per 1000 impression

0,0168 PLN

Check out what users are saying
about FastTony Smart

“I currently have 2 subscriptions. I have been using FastTony for several years. Help and support at every stage. In addition, the ads do themselves. Sometimes it’s just Facebook blocking the content, but this type has that.”

Anna Bednarczyk,
investment consulting

“I have FastTony Smart for 1.5 years and it works great. It brings the best results when you take care of the content uploaded to the fanpage. And here you also get help regarding the content, what to write, how to write”.

Adrianna Staniszewska,
Tamago – European Chess School – educational classes for school children.

“I have been using FastTony solutions for more than 3 years and they are really effective SMB I set up once and with a budget of £10 per campaign I got at least 5 times better results than I did manually.”

Tadeusz Romański,
Wholesale building materials “Magnum”

“I have been using FastTont Smart for 2 years – finance industry, insurance plus courses. At the same time I additionally outsource advertising to an agency and many times Smart performs better i.e. brings more traffic and customers. I recommend”
“I’m a designer and I hate Excel […] FastTony Smart is the perfect tool for someone who just wants to get on with what they like to do. That’s why I entrust everything I don’t like to specialists. The specialist for Facebook ads is Smart! The best way to find out for yourself. He will take your reach into space! “

“Personally, I’ve been using FastTony Smart for a while now and find it makes the job mega easy and is debil-resistant. The ads do themselves and you have more time to serve your clients.”

“I would also recommend it! I used to do ads through Facebook before. I had smaller reach and it was different with the target audience even with good settings. I think it’s important to add posts periodically in FastTony, but they don’t have to be with a big budget. I’ve been using FastTony for almost a year”.

Igor Juckiewicz, Bike Service

“I’m a “little beetle”, when I had to do it myself I gave up, because I don’t have time to deal with it. […] So I was just doing automatic and everything from the post level, I know it’s a massacre. So FastTony Smart was a salvation for me. I don’t know about the results myself, but I know a few people who do and they were impressed, so I assume it’s good.”

“I have put up 7 Smarts […] with a good alignment of content quality according to the manufacturer’s claim “Ads do themselves”. Moreover, the time saved allows to consciously advise and take care of other areas of the company. I recommend.”

See how Smart works!

Wondering what Smart looks like from the inside? Want to make sure that our tool is intuitive and clear? Try out the most important options and see how Smart can be configured!

Great value for little money

Find out how much you will pay for FastTony Smart

In each of the packages we provide you with:

  • Facebook autocampaigns​

  • auto-optimization of ads​

  • autotargeting of advertisements​

  • unlimited advertisements​
  • automation for 1 fanpage​

  • support department​

Choose this package if you don’t want to be bound by a contract.



Payment every month
Without a contract
Activation fee*
(+159 €)

Choose this package if you care about low installments.



ayment every month
Contract for 12 months
Activation fee*
(+66 €)

Choose this package if you want the lowest price.



Payment every year
Contract for 12 months
Activation fee*
(+44 €)

*The activation fee is combined with the launch of the FastTony Smart tool and an additional option, payable depending on the package selected. All prices on our website are net prices.

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Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions!​

Actually, you can use FastTony Smart without signing the contract for 12 months. Remember, however, that in this case you will pay more – even by 40 PLN per month. The annual contract is an optimal solution, which – in addition to a lower price – ensures that Smart will learn more and work better for your business.

Several tens of thousands of users using Smart around the world is our best proof that our tool works and brings results.

The results of the campaign depend on many factors, however the first effects appear even with a small advertising budget. Check our case studies if you want to see specific examples.

FastTony Smart is easy to use – you will learn everything during the implementation conducted by our experts. After the initial setup, which will only require you to answer a few questions, Smart will begin working unmanned.

The FastTony Smart interface is available in both languages.

Smart uses the base in the form of posts that you create on your company’s fanpage anyway. However, the power of the tool is to convert them into ads and present to the right people at the right time. All this to relieve you of some of the responsibilities and save your company money.

Let your ads
make themselves!

You create the posts and focus on your business,
and Smart takes care of the ads!